A space to seed your ideas in the New Aalto City Garden...

With the arrival of Aalto University and of the subway by 2015, the eastern part of Espoo is going under an intense transformation process and should be seen as a unique opportunity to regenerate the social and urban fabric, between the campus area of Otaniemi, the residential area of Tapiola, and the business area of Keilaniemi.

Rather than using the technical term T3, this wiki space is an invitation to produce and share ideas, projects and opportunities to build together the Aalto City Community Garden… It's all about co-creation and enabling the civil society!

Join this wiki to keep up to date with developments in Aalto city, share your ideas and post anything you find relevant for the development of open innovation spaces. This wiki is a self-organised, open, and citizen-focused space.

Please look the comments on the page Forum at 2011 ASCIbition 31!

Aalto City: Co-creating the future