A whole life of experiences

Everything seems to be fantastic on Espoo, but… What's on it for me?

It seems lot of things are going to run on Espoo, but what is my part of it?
We all, as individuals, have a place at Espoo Agora. It doesn't matter if you are an engineer, an artist, a student, a researcher, a professional working here, a homemaker or a retired person. Because we all decide what is going on it.

Here there are some suggestions about what we will experience when it works:

  • Learning. Short, brief and specific courses will take place here. A brief introduction on last art trends, how to communicate better or some bits on gardening could be some examples.
  • Relax. Why not having a break during the day. You know, it is a hard day and you could't stop for a moment. Rest for a moment, while reading the press or taking a look to what's happening at the city
  • Informal and business meetings. There will be available spaces for having meetings. Both in the surface and inside the metro station. So let's book one for a meeting to work
  • Friends meetings. Finally we will have more cafés and restaurants at Agora where take a beer in good company
  • Update corner. Do you know what's going on at the city? Did you know about the last Espoo rumour on Internet? Stay update about last local indicators and statistics published. The corner panel shows you most relevant data in one sight
  • Health and sports. Do you have a personal trainer? Do you want to have one? In summer time Agora will run gymnastics, sports and more guided by professionals. Join us!
  • Express yourself. Want to share your ideas and insights? What about participating in open discussions for building our community? The floor is open for you on the Agora.