Annual activities agenda

At Agora there will be lot of events. Some of them will be spontaneous, but other ones will be planed and arranged by citizens associations and organizations at Espoo.
Agora is conceptualised to hold both indoor and outdoor activities. Former ones during warmer seasons.
A kind of annual agenda should contain events like:

  • Shows. different kind of expositions where people meet around some shared passions like: art, animals, academic congresses, business fairs…
  • Tech parties. Young techies meetings, where they bring their computer and a telecoms corporation provides a huge broadband access during a weekend. They even sleep in tends to join the local community and participate in collaborative projects of a couple of days time.
  • Entrepreneurs and investors/ angels speed dating. Promotion of periodic meetings to allow entrepreneurs to share their ideas with potential investors and angels. part of them can be outputs/ inputs for Innopolis and Venture Garage, I.e.
  • Technology, arts and design trends observatory. A periodical meeting where people can be updated about most interesting trends on their interesting topics. The observatory will be integrated by engineers, artists and designers from Aalto University and most prestigious companies on the zone.
  • Disruptive happenings. Along the year some known and not so known "gurus" on arts, design and technology will give free speeches at Agora… And Somme of them will be spontaneous, so you have to be ready!
  • Music concerts. during summer time and warmer months, you will be able to attend music concerts