Updating PÖHINÄ at ACSI 2012:


a mental and physical space, a state of mind, an attitude, an approach, a way of seeing and doing things


Curiosity, creativity, elevation, encouragement, enthusiasm, exaltation, flash, genius, hunch, illumination, impulse, incentive, influence, insight, muse, notion, revelation, rumble, spark, spur, stimulation, thought, vision, cleverness, genius, imagination, ingenuity, inspiration, originality, resourcefulness, talent, vision, collaboration, creativity, chaos, order, disorder, distruction, reconstruction, mobility, change, act, action, advance, agitation, alteration, changing, deed, development, displacement, dynamism, evolution, evolving, exercise, flight, flow, flux, gesture, journey, maneuver, mobility, passage, progress, shift, stir, transit, transplanting, undertaking, velocity, wandering, wondering.

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at ACSI 2011:

PÖHINÄÄ - Aalto City as platform for community energy.
PÖHINÄÄ is the Finnish word for positive community energy.
PÖHINÄÄ is doing, PÖHINÄ is the thing existing at Aalto Design Factory http://aaltodesignfactory.fi and Venture Garage http://aaltovg.com at Aalto City.

Aalto City Co-creating the future


PÖHINÄÄ at ACSIbition 31.8.2011