Success of community building initiative

Many of we, as participants in this outstanding experience are concerned about how it will evolve, its sustainability. We would like it really provides a better well being to Espoo and to everyplace of the world, which aims the same.

As many open projects, it will depend entirely on us, as a community. Every member of it can contribute, but not all will do it, we know it. We are conscious about the necessity of involving at least a minimum critical mass of people really active. It will be possible only if they find value on it. And even in this case some kind of extended support will be needed.

Any idea on this?

Here we suggest some. May be they are not enough, they are not good at all, or even they are not good for the purpose. But we wanted to start the discussion.


  • Free Wi-Fi. Today it is a must!
  • A warm and well illuminated place. How good if it would be a best designed "third place". You know, not home, neither the work/ University…
  • Mobility. Furniture and lay out has to be adaptable for different activities
  • Attractive facilities. It is obvious, people like to stay in nice comfortable places… just Starbucks ;-)
  • Workshops spaces. Meeting rooms are fine. But not the old style ones. Business meetings, kids caring and other activity will take place along the day in these rooms… They have to content: whiteboards, tables for collaborating, loudspeakers, screens, sofas…
  • DIY toolbox. People have to reach tools for rapid prototyping their ideas. So let's think on what we could