The City of Espoo pilot of people making the living area at Suurpelto

The story published on City of Espoo web pages 29.8.2011;37337;36770;37437;37668;143243

“People make Suurpelto” is one of the projects of the World Design Capital 2012
The WDC project in Suurpelto, Espoo, involves the creation of an info pavilion and the design of new services. The info pavilion gathers the residents and service providers in the area together under one roof to design services and create a sense of community. The new service design concept aims to enhance the identity of Suurpelto and facilitate the integration of residents into the new area.

Suurpelto currently houses approximately 600 people who are now encouraged to take part in developing their own residential area. People make Suurpelto involves cooperation between residents, companies, the city, associations and societies. The aim is to introduce residents to each other and allow them to enjoy themselves and feel at home in their new living environment.
Aiming for an enjoyable and ecological environment that enables the combination of work, family and recreation
Suurpelto is developed through an innovative service design concept. “Service design is the user-oriented planning of the service experience so that the service corresponds to residents’ needs as well as the commercial goals of entrepreneurs,” says Managing Director Leena Manner from Suurpelto Marketing Ltd.
Service design was launched through the KOULII project, led by Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region, and Laurea University of Applied Sciences. During the first phase of the project in 2010, teaching staff and various regional actors collaborated to formulate a programme theory.
This year, the plan is to produce training paths for teaching staff and to launch service design pilots in collaboration with regional actors and students. Altogether seven pilots are underway, and together they have already produced two popular events in Suurpelto. The event known as “Pitkiä Pellavia!” (“Long flax!”) was held on Shrove Tuesday in March, and “Kukkiva Suurpelto” (”Blooming Suurpelto”) in May gave residents and children from the Maakirja Day Care Centre the opportunity to plant trees and bushes in parks together with the city.
The third phase, implemented in 2012, aims to further clarify and test the research, development and innovation model, based on service design, in the Living Lab environment of Suurpelto. During the project, a study is conducted to assess the cooperation between upper secondary education and the University of Applied Sciences, in addition to innovation skills and the quality of regional development.

Info pavilion serves as a meeting place for residents and regional actors
The info pavilion provides information about the area of Suurpelto and its development, as well as gathers views, opinions and ideas from residents to develop the area. The pavilion enables informal meetings, networking and collaboration between residents. Operational models include an idea café, various theme nights, residents’ evenings, small-scale workshop activities as well as meetings with the marketing company and the city.
The info pavilion will contain a reception desk, working facilities for two and meeting rooms downstairs. Upstairs, the pavilion offers a panoramic view over Suurpelto, with a space that serves as both a meeting and exhibition venue. The interiors are designed so that they are easy to adapt for exhibitions, cafés, meetings and brainstorming workshops.
Espoo is part of a climate network comprising six cities. The network is currently preparing for a joint project that aims for carbon neutrality in a residential area or block in a selected pilot region. Espoo’s pilot region is Suurpelto. The info pavilion serves as the central location of the pilot area, with one of its employees working as the regional mentor in ecological issues. This person will organise events, provide advice and serve as a link towards the city and associations.
Photo on top: The striking and impressive pavilion is located in a central location on Lukutori Square in Suurpelto. Its S-shape symbolises Suurpelto. The pavilion is made of mobile elements and its location can be changed as construction in the area progresses. The topping out ceremony of the info pavilion was held on Espoo Day, August 27.;37337;36770;37437;37668;143243